Plant Families: Letter D

  • Dipterocarpaceae - Dipterocarp Family

    The Dipterocarpaceae family includes over 500 species of tropical trees found in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. These long-lived, towering trees are prized for their valuable timber and play important ecological roles in forest ecosystems.

  • Dipentodontaceae - Dipentodon Family

    Dipentodontaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes just one genus, Dipentodon. These are small trees and shrubs that are native to tropical regions in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

  • Dennstaedtiaceae - Bracken Family

    Dennstaedtiaceae is a family of ferns that includes around 20 genera and over 500 species. They are widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, with some species also found in temperate forests.

  • Didiereaceae - Didierea Family

    Didiereaceae is a family of flowering plants endemic to Madagascar that includes about 11 species. These succulent plants are known for their unique growth form and striking appearance, making them popular among gardeners and collectors.

  • Doryanthaceae - Doryanthes Family

    The Doryanthaceae family is a group of flowering plants characterized by their unique and distinctive flowers.

  • Dioscoreaceae - Yam Family

    The Dioscoreaceae family, commonly known as the yam family, comprises diverse species of flowering plants. These plants are mainly tropical or subtropical vines, shrubs, and trees that form an important component of human livelihoods and ecosystems.

  • Droseraceae - Sundew Family

    Droseraceae is a family of carnivorous plants known for their sticky, insect-trapping leaves.

  • Dilleniaceae - Dillenia Family

    Dilleniaceae is a family of flowering plants known for their beautiful flowers, unique fruit structures, and diverse growth habits.

  • Dasypogonaceae - Dasypogon Family

    Dasypogonaceae is a family of monocotyledonous flowering plants found in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly in South America and southern Africa. These plants are generally characterized by their long, linear leaves and small, clustered flowers.

  • Daphniphyllaceae - Daphniphyllum Family

    Daphniphyllaceae is a small family of flowering plants, comprising only two genera and seven species. These plants are primarily found in Asia and are characterized by their alternate and simple leaves, small flowers, and berry-like fruits.

  • Degeneriaceae - Degeneria Family

    Degeneriaceae is a small family of flowering plants consisting of only one genus, Degeneria, and five species. These trees are found in New Caledonia and Vanuatu and are known for their unique flowers and evergreen foliage.

  • Dioncophyllaceae - Dioncophyllum Family

    Dioncophyllaceae is a small, unique family of carnivorous plants found in tropical Africa.

  • Diapensiaceae - Diapensia Family

    Diapensiaceae is a small family of flowering plants with only 18 species that are typically evergreen and found in subarctic, alpine, or high-altitude regions. They are known for their distinctive pink or white flowers and are adapted to survive in harsh environments.

  • Datiscaceae - Datisca Family

    Datiscaceae is a small family of flowering plants. It includes only two genera, Datisca and Tetrameles, with a total of five species. These plants are found across different continents but are quite rare and not commonly cultivated.

  • Dichapetalaceae - Dichapetalum Family

    Dichapetalaceae is a family of flowering plants, commonly found in tropical regions. The family consists of woody shrubs or trees that possess toxic compounds, making them a subject of scientific studies.

  • Dipteridaceae - Dipteris Family

    Dipteridaceae is a small family of ferns featuring distinctive branching fronds and fertile structures. They are found primarily in tropical regions, and some species have medicinal properties.

  • Drosophyllaceae - Hard Fern Family

    Drosophyllaceae is a small family of carnivorous plants containing only two genera, Drosera and Drosophyllum. These fascinating plants are known for their ability to capture and digest insects and other small prey using specialized traps.

  • Dirachmaceae - Dicksonia Family

    Dirachmaceae is a small family of flowering plants, comprising a single genus, Dirachma, with only one known species. The plant is unique in that it produces only two leaves during its lifetime, and it is found in the arid regions of southern Africa.