Plant Families: Letter E

  • Elaeagnaceae - Oleaster Family

    Elaeagnaceae is a family of shrubs and small trees with a diverse range of species. They are known for their distinctive leaves, fragrant flowers, and edible fruits.

  • Emblingiaceae - Emblingia Family

    Emblingiaceae is a small family of flowering plants with only one genus, Emblingia. The family consists of just two species, both of which are endemic to Australia.

  • Euphorbiaceae - Euphorbia Family

    Euphorbiaceae is a diverse family of flowering plants comprising thousands of species. Members of this family are known for their unique physical structures and important roles in medicine, horticulture, and ecological studies.

  • Ericaceae - Heath Family

    Ericaceae is a family of flowering plants characterized by its bell-shaped flowers, evergreen leaves, and often edible fruit. The family includes more than 4500 species distributed worldwide, and many are important in horticulture, agriculture, and ecosystems.

  • Equisetaceae - Horsetail Family

    Equisetaceae is a family of vascular plants that includes the only living genus of the Equisetales order, commonly known as horsetails. They are unique in appearance and have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

  • Ebenaceae - Ebony Family

    Ebenaceae is a family of flowering plants known for their edible fruit and valuable timber. This family includes more than 500 species of trees and shrubs found in tropical and subtropical regions across the globe.

  • Eriocaulaceae - Pipewort Family

    The Eriocaulaceae family consists of small, herbaceous plants that are mainly found in wetland habitats. They are known for their unique appearance and distinctive inflorescences.

  • Escalloniaceae - Escallonia Family

    The Escalloniaceae family consists of flowering plants including trees, shrubs or lianas which are native to the Americas, Pacific Islands and New Zealand. Many species within this family have ornamental value due to their attractive foliage and flowers.

  • Elatinaceae - Waterwort Family

    Elatinaceae is a small family of flowering plants that includes aquatic, semi-aquatic, and terrestrial species. These plants are characterized by their small, inconspicuous flowers and simple leaves.

  • Elaeocarpaceae - Elaeocarpus Family

    The Elaeocarpaceae family comprises around 350 species of trees and shrubs. They are known for their showy flowers, distinctive fruits, and diverse uses ranging from food to timber.

  • Ephedraceae - Ephedra Family

    Ephedraceae is a small family of gymnosperm plants, commonly known as the Ephedra family. These plants are known for their use in traditional medicines and their production of ephedrine, a stimulant used in some medications.

  • Ecdeiocoleaceae - Ecdeiocolea Family

    Ecdeiocoleaceae is a monotypic family of flowering plants that consists of a single species, Ecdeiocolea monostachya. These unusual and fascinating plants are endemic to the rainforests of Central and South America, where they play important ecological roles as myco-heterotrophs.

  • Eupomatiaceae - Eupomatia Family

    Eupomatiaceae is a small family consisting of only one genus, Eupomatia. Its species are known for their attractive flowers and have cultural significance in some indigenous populations.

  • Eupteleaceae - Euptelea Family

    The Eupteleaceae family is a group of flowering plants that includes only one genus, Euptelea, with two species. These beautiful trees are known for their distinctive bark and attractive foliage, and have a relatively limited distribution in Asia and North America.

  • Euphroniaceae - Euphronia Family

    Euphroniaceae is a small family of flowering plants with only one known species, Euphronia hirta. It is a rare and endemic plant found in the tropical rainforests of West Africa.

  • Erythroxylaceae - Coca Family

    The Erythroxylaceae family is a diverse group of flowering plants known for their psychoactive alkaloids. This family includes the coca plant, which is the source of cocaine, as well as other species that have traditional medicinal uses.

  • Eucommiaceae - Hard Fern Family

    Eucommiaceae is a small family of flowering plants that includes only one extant species, Eucommia ulmoides, commonly known as the hardy rubber tree. It is native to China and is notable for its ability to produce latex, which has various commercial uses.