Plant Families: Letter I

  • Icacinaceae - Icacina Family

    The Icacinaceae family consists of around 39 genera and 600 species of mostly tropical trees, shrubs or lianas. They have a variety of uses ranging from medicinal properties to ornamental purposes.

  • Ixioliriaceae - Ixiolirion Family

    A short description of Ixioliriaceae: Ixioliriaceae is a small family of flowering plants, comprising only two genera and a handful of species. These plants are known for their showy flowers, which have bright colors and unique shapes.

  • Incertae sedis - Uncertain Family Family

    The Incertae Sedis family is a taxonomic rank used for plants that have not yet been categorized within a specific family.

  • Iridaceae - Iris Family

    The Iridaceae family, commonly known as the iris family, is a diverse group of flowering plants with over 2,000 species. These plants are valued for their ornamental flowers and have cultural significance in many parts of the world.

  • Iteaceae - Sasanqua Family

    The Iteaceae family is a group of flowering plants found in both temperate and subtropical regions. They are known for their ornamental value, with some species cultivated for their attractive foliage and showy flowers.

  • Irvingiaceae - Irvingia Family

    The Irvingiaceae family consists of trees that are native to the tropical forests of Africa. These trees are known for their large fruit, which is edible and has medicinal properties.

  • Ixonanthaceae - Ixonanthes Family

    The Ixonanthaceae family is a group of flowering plants that includes around 30 species. These tropical trees and shrubs are known for their showy flowers and attractive foliage, making them popular ornamental plants in many parts of the world.

  • Isoetaceae - Quillwort Family

    Isoetaceae is a family of aquatic and semi-aquatic vascular plants that are known as quillworts. They are unique in their ability to form corms and live in nutrient-poor environments.