Plant Families: Letter N

  • Nartheciaceae - Bog Asphodel Family

    Nartheciaceae is a family of perennial herbaceous plants, also known as the bog-asphodel family. They are mostly found in wetland areas and have delicate, beautiful flowers.

  • Nymphaeaceae - Water Lily Family

    The Nymphaeaceae family consists of aquatic plants commonly known as water lilies. These floating plants are prized for their beautiful flowers and ornamental value.

  • Nyctaginaceae - Four O'Clock Family

    Nyctaginaceae is a family of flowering plants commonly known as the Four O'clock family, with approximately 34 genera and over 400 species. These plants are found in diverse habitats across the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

  • Nyssaceae - Tupelo Family

    Nyssaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes only two living genera, Nyssa and Davidia. These trees are known for their distinctive bark and foliage, as well as their ecological importance in wetland and riparian habitats.

  • Neuradaceae - Neurada Family

    Neuradaceae is a small family of flowering plants that includes only two genera, Neurada and Rouya. These plants are known for their unusual appearance and can be found in arid regions of Africa and Asia.

  • Nothofagaceae - Southern Beech Family

    Nothofagaceae is a family of trees and shrubs characterized by their distinctive foliage, bark, and wood. These plants are primarily found in the Southern Hemisphere and are known for their ecological and economic importance.

  • Nitrariaceae - Nitraria Family

    Nitrariaceae is a family of woody flowering plants that are commonly found in desert and arid areas around the world.

  • Nepenthaceae - Pitcher Plant Family

    Nepenthaceae is a unique family of carnivorous plants known for their striking pitcher-shaped traps, which they use to capture insects and other small prey.

  • Nelumbonaceae - Lotus Family

    The Nelumbonaceae family consists of aquatic plants commonly known as lotus or water-lily. These stunning plants are widely popular for their beauty, cultural significance, and medicinal value.

  • Nesogenaceae - Cheirogyna Family

    The Nesogenaceae family consists of small trees and shrubs, with attractive flowers and fruits. They are endemic to Hawaii, where they play an important ecological role, providing habitat and food sources for many native species.