Plant Families: Letter R

  • Ripogonaceae - Ripogonum Family

    Ripogonaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes only one genus, Ripogonum. These plants are native to Australia and New Zealand and are known for their climbing habit and ornamental foliage.

  • Rhizophoraceae - Mangrove Family

    Rhizophoraceae is a family of tropical and subtropical plants, commonly known as mangroves, that play vital roles in coastal ecosystems and support diverse wildlife.

  • Rapateaceae - Rapatea Family

    A family of flowering plants known as Rapateaceae features showy inflorescences, spirally-arranged leaves, and a unique floral structure. They are prevalent in the tropical regions of South America, with some species found in Africa.

  • Rosaceae - Rose Family

    Rosaceae is a large and diverse family of flowering plants that includes many important fruits, such as apples, pears, peaches, and strawberries. It also includes ornamental trees and shrubs like roses, as well as many wildflowers.

  • Ranunculaceae - Buttercup Family

    Ranunculaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes many familiar species such as buttercups, columbines, and delphiniums. These plants are known for their vibrant colors and unique flower structures.

  • Rubiaceae - Madder Family

    Rubiaceae is a family of flowering plants with over 13,000 species found worldwide, known for their simple leaves and tubular flowers.

  • Rutaceae - Rue Family

    Rutaceae is a family of flowering plants distributed worldwide, known for its aromatic and medicinal properties. The family includes popular trees such as the citrus and ornamental shrubs like the skyflower.

  • Rhamnaceae - Buckthorn Family

    The Rhamnaceae family is a diverse group of flowering plants characterized by their small, inconspicuous flowers and often thorny stems. These woody shrubs and trees are found in temperate and subtropical regions worldwide, with many species used for medicinal or ornamental purposes.

  • Resedaceae - Mignonette Family

    Resedaceae is a family of flowering plants known for their brightly colored, fragrant flowers and unique fruit capsules.

  • Rousseaceae - Rousseaua Family

    Rousseaceae is a small family of flowering plants with only two genera, characterized by their showy flowers and distribution in tropical regions.

  • Restionaceae - Restio Family

    Restionaceae is a family of tufted grass-like plants found mainly in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly in South Africa and Australia. They have cylindrical stems with scale-like leaves and are adapted to a variety of habitats from wetlands to dry heaths.

  • Ruppiaceae - Ruppia Family

    The Ruppiaceae family is a group of aquatic flowering plants commonly known as ditch-grasses. They are submerged or emergent, and found in marine, estuarine, and freshwater environments.

  • Rafflesiaceae - Rafflesia Family

    Rafflesiaceae is a family of parasitic flowering plants with the largest known single flower in the world. It is composed of unique and fascinating species that have evolved to live off other host plants.

  • Rhabdodendraceae - Rhabdodendron Family

    Rhabdodendraceae is a small family of flowering plants with only one genus and one species, Rhabdodendron macrophyllum. These plants are native to Southeast Asia and are characterized by their large leaves and showy flowers.

  • Roridulaceae - Roridula Family

    A unique family of carnivorous plants, Roridulaceae consists of only two genera: Roridula and Triphyophyllum. These plants are known for their sticky leaves used to trap insects and are native to South Africa.